Soft Starters

Soft starters are a great way to limit in rush current to your motor and prevent breakdown of insulation.  Soft starters allow for power control and protection to start the heaviest industrial loads.  可靠网赌网址 works with Siemens, ABB, and Benshaw to bring a wide range of standard and customizable option to our customers.  No voltage or power range is out of the realm of possibility.  Contact 可靠网赌网址 today to learn more.

Product spotlight:

Benshaw CBMVRX Series Combination Soft Starters

For large motor soft start applications, Benshaw CBMVRX Series Soft Starters provide a circuit breaker solution for isolation and protection. Starting from a powerful base, 可靠网赌网址 works with Benshaw’s engineering team to develop a custom solution for your specific large motor application. We offer the flexibility of using existing switchgear, or we can source new switchgear providing a seamless transition for maintenance personnel.  The CBMVRX Series supports up to 16,000 HP at 6,900V and 25,000HP at 13,800V!

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